For those of you who wonder if they’re capable of becoming a pilot, I’ve put together some of the tests you can do online, to test your aptitude. Some of these tests have been created by actual flight schools to service as a guideline for people who are thinking of becoming a pilot. But all of them are fun to do!

The first test is the image on the left, it checks if you’re colorblind or not. Can you see the number?

So wether you are seriously considering becoming a pilot , or just have some time on your hands and are curious about your abilities as a pilot, you can now enjoy yourself and find out if you have what it takes!




Lufthansa flugschule’s test (in German). A couple of tests that Lufthansa have put online to outline the skills you need to become a pilot.

EPST’s IPAS. This test used to be part of the first selection phase, now COMPASS is used. (This one only seems to work in IE. You might need to download java as well).

Kips FAA exam test. This is actually an online theory exam helper. It gives a couple of questions that could be on an FAA theory exam. For those of you who wonder what pilots need to learn/know.

Fibonnici’s Pilot Test (in Dutch). This test is designed to test your spacial aptitude as is needed for being a pilot.



These tests are just for fun and should not be seen a substitute  for or reference to any selection performed by a flight school.

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