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Solo, Tests and Cross Country.

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since. I’ve had my first solo and a couple more since. I’ve also had some progress tests and started flying cross country.

Of course I also had my birthday! My roommates had a nice surprise for me. When I woke up, they had decorated the house and had put up Post-It’s all over the place, congratulating me with my birthday. Later that day, they even had a present for me! They really gave me a nice birthday.

Two days later is was time for my first solo! It was so much fun! First I did 3 touch-and-go’s with my instructor and then I dropped him of at the parking, where a lot of the other students were standing and took off on my own. When I landed for the third time, it was time to pick up my instructor again and taxi back to SAA. That’s when it was time for traditions; first I got my tie cut and was carried out to the car, because you’re not allowed to touch the ground after your solo. I was driven back to the apartments in the trunk of the car to get thrown in the pool there. After drinking a beer in the pool I was allowed to get out and touch the ground again. Wouter filmed my solo and I compiled a short movie from it. On my photo page, I also uploaded some new picture.

My first solo was also my last flight with Johan as my instructor, I now have a new one: Niclas. He’s a lot of fun with to fly with and it’s nice to get a new perspective on (my) flying.

With Niclas I did my second solo, which was again half with and half without instructor. Since then I’ve gone up a couple of more time (completely) solo.

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