All posts made before entering the selection of the EPST flight school.

Phase 1 coming up


Last thursday I made a very important call: I made an appointment for phase 1 of the selection procedure at EPST in Utrecht.

On thursday April 28th at 10 am I will be expected at their office to do 3 hours of computerized tests, through which they will try to determine my capabilities and my personality and whether my capabilities and personality make me capable of becoming a pilot.

Basically it comes down to having to score a minimum of 24 out of 42 points in a series of tests, focused around my hand-eye-foot-coordination, my spatial aptitude, my technical aptitude and my personality.


The website of EPST mentions the following on the first phase of selection:


This phase consist of our COMPASS (aptitude) test, a personality assessment test, Aviation English test and a technical comprehension test. […]  The duration of the test is about three (3) hours. The results will be available at the end of the test and will be discussed with the candidate.


Of cours I will post how it went, when I’m back home thursday. Hopefully with good news!



Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog!

After years of dreaming and wondering, I’ve made a big decision: I’m going to try to become a professional pilot or more specific: an airline pilot.

To some this will come as a surprise, seeing that the last few years have been spend studying Theatre, Film and Television Sciences, and others will not be surprised at all, having seen this coming for years.

I’ve started this blog after I decided which flight school I will be trying to attend.

After a couple of weeks of researching the internet and visiting flight schools I’ve made the decision: I will be trying to get accepted to the EPST flight school and follow the First Officer Program they offer.


But before this will all go down, there are a few obstacles to overcome. First I have to make sure that my financial situation allows me to attend a flight school and then I still have the big (or huge) hurdle of getting through the selection procedure of the flight school.

As each phase of the selection is coming, I will fill you in on the details of what I’m to expect and of course afterwards: how the phase went.



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