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All the post made during the 6 weeks of home studies leading up to my departure for SD

I’m packed and ready to go!


After 5 weeks of constant learning and7 exams, 1 week of saying goodbye and packing my bags, I am ready to go.

Although I had some trouble getting into study mode again, after not have done very much of it for a few years, maths and physics came back to me pretty quickly and didn’t cause too much trouble. I had 1 exam for maths and 2 for phyics, all 3 of which I aced, scoring 100%!

That’s when a couple of weeks of non-stop learning started. Even during the holidays I spend over 8 hours a day studying, but it paid off! I had study a whole range of Private Pilot License theory, which was mostly new to me. But in the end I did well, I had 4 exams for this course and only made 1 mistake in total. So I scored 100% on 3 of them and 94% on the other one. Since I still got a 99% average, I can live with the one mistake ūüėČ

Last Friday I had a great time with my friends in Utrecht, thanks for a terrific evening and all the nice mementos! On Saturday I said goodbye to my friends in Eindhoven, with a great night out on the town. Thanks to the Ali Baba & de Roverstam (and Daphne and Maaike) for making it a night to remember!

Yesterday I was in Eindhoven for another goodbye: Daphne, I’ll miss you, Niek and the boys!

Tomorrow I’m flying of to Houston together with Wouter, my only classmate. ¬†All the Swedes got placed in the March class. From Houston we’ll fly to San Diego, where we’ll be picked up and brought to our new home, for the coming year. Once I have the exact address, I’ll post it on the contact page. I’ll also be getting an American telephone number, which I’ll post on the same page.

For everyone in Holland, I’ll miss you guys, we’ll keep in touch and we will see each other again in January¬†2013!

And off we go!

Yesterday I booked my ticket to San Diego and I passed my first test with score of 100%. It was maths test and to be honest, I was dreading it. Sure, I had 7 years of maths in high school, but I didn’t do anything maths related for the last 5 years… But, with the help of the study materials I got from the SAA, I managed to get my maths skills back up to par. Now it’s time for physics, this week I’m doing electricity and magnetism.

Wouter, my Dutch classmate, and I decided to leave for San Diego on the 13th of January, as we are to report for our first day of school on the 16th. This way we have some time to lose our jetlag and get acquainted with our appartment, Johan, our Swedish classmate (yes, we are a class of 3), the other students and the town of El Cajon, CA.

We’ll be flying to San Diego, via George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston. So I get to go to Texas and see if everythings bigger for 4 hours!

I’m still awaiting my medical license, but I don’t expect anymore trouble with that, after having replaced my glasses for onces without prisms and spending about 10 hours in the dentist’s chair, getting 3 root canal treatments, 1 pulled molor and another filling.

But I’m off, I’ve officially started flight school and am on my way to become a commercial pilot! I’m loving it!

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