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It’s been 2 pretty busy weeks since I last posted. I’ve been practicing a lot of landings, had my stage check (twice) and had a test on the G1000-system (I’ll explain later). Apart from that I’ve just been studying a lot…

First let me tell you about the G1000-test. After our solo’s, we go into the cross country-phase, where we have to fly longer distances to other airports. We don’t do that in a conventional Cessna 172 (like the picture on one of my previous posts), but we fly G1000 (or Cessna 172 NAV III as the airplanes are called officially). Those airplanes have a (Garmin) G1000 glass cockpit (like on the picture at the top), so you get a lot more and a lot more accurate information.
Since you can (or should) not fly an airplane without knowing how the systems work, we had some lessons on the different parts and possible malfunctions of the G1000 system, followed by a test. That was pretty interesting, and very reassuring to see all the redundancy incorporated into the airplane.
I passed the test with 95%, making just one mistake by not reading well enough. So that was just me being stupid. Later this week I’ll be starting to fly the G1000-airplanes (on my birthday).

But first I have my FIRST SOLO flight!

That will be tomorrow. In the last 2 weeks I’ve had some extra lessons, to get the landings right. But then during my stage check (the flight with a stage check instructor, to see if I was ready to solo) it once again didn’t go so well on my landings, so I had to do another lesson. The rest of the stage check went very well though, so I only had to redo the landings.
On Thursday I had one more lesson with Johan (and Roland from the CAA in Sweden in the back).
Since the stage check instructors had the weekend of, I was supposed to fly with Nicolas, my flight instructor for phase 2, on Saturday, so I could continue to fly. One of the stage check instructors, however, did work on Saturday after all and the decision was made to go up with her instead, this time being safe enough on my landing to go solo!

So tomorrow is supposed to be a big day! I hope the weather will be good enough, because Wouter has seen his first solo cancelled twice, due to bad weather… So everybody keep your fingers crossed for nice weather (and nice landings)!

By the end of this week, we’ll also have our first progress test for the ATPL theory, and the week after 2 more. So hopefully that’ll go well. So it’s a lot of studying this week and a few flights. Somewhere in between I hope I’ll also be able to celebrate my birthday a little bit.

So for now it’s into the books!

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