Flap Failure

The last week has been a lot of studying and a lot of flying. By now I’m getting a picture of how much studying goes into becoming a pilot. I spend most of my days either studying or flying. But it’s not that bad actually. The subjects are really interesting! I’m learning about the weather, about parts of the aircraft and about the human body and mind. The flying really helps to get your through, though! It really reminds me of why I’m here, every time I go up.

Last time I posted, my solo was coming up very fast, but that has slowed down a bit. I haven’t been up alone yet. My landings weren’t really going as well as they should and so Johan, my instructor, and I both agreed an extra lesson would be best. This extra lesson turned into 2 lessons, but on Thursday I’m scheduled to have my Stage Check. If that goes well, the first flight after should be my solo flight!

I have also had my first airplane malfunction. The flaps (shown in the picture) on an aircraft are used to fly slower than you would normally do, especially useful for landing a plane. They are also used for slow flight. When I was practicing slow flight with my instructors, they flaps stayed extended, so we had to fly back to the airport very slowly… It was a harmless failure of the aircraft, so that was good.

For the rest not much has happened, but hopefully my next post bring news (and pictures) of my first solo flight!

4 Responses to Flap Failure

  • Good luck Guus!!
    Hope you will get trough your Stage
    We’ll cross our fingers for you.
    Greetings from your old colleagues at SCS!

  • Melle says:

    I was already wondering when the flappost would be 🙂
    Good luck with preparing for the first solo flight!
    Don’t be to worried if you suck at landing though,
    I heard that landing on big jets is done automatically ;)!

    • Hahaha, well there’s always the relieve that everything that goes up, must come down. So if I don’t land the plane, gravity will at some point… 😉 But than again, you are right. Airliners usually have an automated landing option. But that’s not perfect, sometimes you still have the land the plane yourself. And most of the times you just want to. 🙂

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