Tests and Touch-and-Go’s

Last week has been mostly about tests and touch-and-go’s. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the books this last week, but I also spend 3 hours in the air.

To finish my PPL ground school, I first had to get 90% on 3 tests, to allow me to make the LaserGrade test. That’s the official FAA ground school tests. We had a few chances to get those three 90’s, but luckily I got them the first time around. Then I had to do more studying for my LaserGrade and for my pre-solo oral. My pre-solo oral, was an oral exam to see if I know enough about flying and about the rules of flying, to perform solo flights. I passed the oral with 5 out of 5! I was pretty nervous for the oral, so I was really glad that I passed so well!

Afterwards we had our communications test, to see if we knew how to talk to ATC. I passed that one with only 2 mistakes, so that was pretty good as well. Then I decided to take my LaserGrade, just to get it over and done with. (The moment to take that test is not fixed, so you can do it whenever you have all the papers needed). That went pretty good as well; I only made 1 mistake on it!

Afterwards I spend about an hour waiting for my ground school instructor, as he made to tiny mistakes in my endorsements. So he had to print and sign new ones, or I could get in trouble by the time I have my check ride for the PPL.

The flying this week was mostly about landing and flying traffic patterns (a rectangular flight path from take-off to landing). It’s been nice to do a lot of landings and take-offs, since especially landing a plane is pretty hard. But I am getting better at it, and my instructor told me he was even starting to feel safe. I also trained on what to do in case of an engine failure during flight, so I know what to do if it ever happens.

Now I have an entire weekend off, so that’s nice! I probably will be starting the preparations for my ATPL theory though. Ground school for that starts the upcoming week. Hopefully I’ll also get a few more flights in next week, because then I might have my first solo flight the week after already!

If that’s the case, I’ll tell you in my next update. For now I’m going to enjoy the weather!

2 Responses to Tests and Touch-and-Go’s

  • Melle says:

    “my instructor told me he was even starting to feel safe.”
    Up till my last driving lessons my drivinginstructor was complaining about why he should receive hazard pay for his work (not during my lessons of course) so I can imagine your instructor’s feelings, nice to receive a vote of confidence like that!

    “I also trained on what to do in case of an engine failure during flight, so I know what to do if it ever happens.”

    Just as I predicted ^^

    • Of course not during your lessons 😉 Some of the instructors who train the Chinese students, that are also in the school, feel like their students are trying to kill them every time they go up. So apparently, it can get worse…
      Although it was nice to hear he started to feel safe, it kind of makes you wonder how bad it must have been in the first place and why the heck he didn’t take over controls if I was landing like an uncontrolled projectile :-p

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