More tests and more flights

Another busy week has passed. We had a few days of crappy weather, so that meant a few days without flying and my first cancelled flight…

But I’ve made up for those hours by now, yesterday I had two flight lessons combined and this morning I had another one, giving me a total of 10 hours of flight by now. Since my first solo is supposed to be somewhere around my 20th lesson (and approximately my 20th hour of flight) I’m already half way there! We’ve been doing stall practices (view this video if you have no idea what I just wrote: Stalls) and traffic patterns (circles around an airport), which includes practicing landings, which is still pretty hard. But I’m getting better at it.

This week I go the chance fly to other airports than Gillespie. I’ve been to Brown , which is South of SD just across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. Yesterday we flew north over the coast of San Diego (which is really nice to see from above!) to Palomar. I also got to fly pretty close to Miramar MCAS (made famous by the movie Top Gun). At Brown, I landed next to the Goodyear Blimp, which was also pretty cool. Unfortunately I need 2 hands to fly, so no pictures though.

At the same time the last week was filled with (preparing for) tests. Last monday we had a technical test on the plane we’re flying, the Cessna 172, to see if we know how to use the manual and if we get how it works. I aced that test, so after last week’s fail, that was really nice!

Yesterday we also had the 3rd and final stage exam for our PPL theory, I scored 92%. So I am back on track 🙂
Next week we’ll be getting 3 more tests on the PPL Theory, to see if we are ready for the official test, called LaserGrade. You need to passed that test in order to get an FAA Private Pilot License. But first we have 3 tests, which we have to pass with a score of at least 90%.  So the rest of the weekend I’ll mostly be studying the questions, to make sure I don’t have to do any of the tests again.

This week I’m also supposed to get my pre-solo oral exam, which is an exam to find out if I know enough about flying and the aircraft, to allow me to go solo. So it’s all going really fast, but I’m still enjoying it very much!

The last two weeks my grandpa has been in the hospital, but I heard he’s still getting my blog printed and delivered to him. So a special message for him: Rest well and hopefully you’ll have speedy recovery!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to write another post next weekend, after all the tests are done.

And for everybody in Brabant (and Limburg): Alaaf! Enjoy carnaval!

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  • Melle says:

    Deliberate stalling? Looking forward to the lesson about cutting the engine midair ^_^?

    • Deliberate stalling! Otherwise you will not learn how to recognize them, or what to do if you get into a stall… I am actually looking forward to the mid air engine failure practise. Yesterday I practised engine failure after take-off. That’s a lot scarier, because then you are really close to the ground 😉

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