Welcome to San Diego!

Last Friday at 5:45am I left Bunnik with Willemijn and Tristan to pick up my parents to go to Schiphol Airport. At Schiphol we met up with Wouter and his parents, and after Wouter and I checked-in, we went for a coffee before going to customs and getting to our gate.

The flight from Amsterdam to Houston when pretty smooth, I spend a lot of time sleeping, so that speeded things up. In Houston it took a while to get through Immigrations, but the advantage was that our bags were waiting for us when we got through. Clearing customs was done in a sec and even the security check was pretty swift. So after immigrations it all went pretty smooth! And, I ate my first American hamburger in a while at Wendy’s.

The flight from Houston to San Diego was a little turbulent, but wasn’t too bad. We landed 15 minutes early, but because we were in one of the last rows, it took forever to get off the plane. After that it was through some halls, down some stairs to wait for our bags and after that it was out the doors. We spend about 15 minutes waiting for our driver to show up, but since we were 15 minutes early, that was pretty well timed!

Greg, the driver, brought us from San Diego Airport tot El Cajon, the small city just North East of San Diego, where we live and where our school is. Even though it was dark, Greg took us on a little tour of the neighborhood, so we knew where to get our groceries and stuff, the next day.

After the little tour, Greg dropped us off at our apartment and there we met Anessa, a Taiwanese girl with whom we share our apartment. And Wouter and I got settled in to our room.

The Dutch students from the class 11-1 and the Belgians of class 11-3 (we ourselves are class 11-4) came over to introduce themselves and after a while we went over to the apartment of class 11-1, where they had some food ready for us. They had cooked burritos for us, just like it had been done for them, when they arrived.

After spending some time getting to know them and hearing all sorts of stories about studying here at the SAA, it was getting late and we were pretty tired, so we went back to our apartments, only to be wide awake again at 6:00am. Ain’t jetlag just fun…?

But, we had a lot to do yesterday, so it wasn’t that bad. We did our first shopping and got some food, a toaster, American cell phones and some other stuff. My American phone number is +1-619-368-0214. Since I now have an American phone, my Dutch one will stay at home most of the times.

In the evening Bert and Matthijs (from 11-1) and Judith (from 11-3) took us to Barona Casino, a huge casino 30 minutes from El Cajon. They always wanted to go there, because apparently you do a lot of flying over that building and they wanted to see the inside. We had a great dinner and drank some beers, but we left the gambling up to the other people.

Today we did some more grocery shopping and the rest of the day we’ll be doing very little, as tomorrow we will start our introduction week and we want to be rested.

Talk to you guys again soon!

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